Jason Keller Group Now Offers Additional, Cash Option to Sellers Through Keller Offers iBuyer Program

We are proud to announce that Jason Keller, CEO, Jason Keller Group, is now a Keller Offers Certified Agent! In addition to our traditional method of selling homes, we are now able to to make requests for a cash offer on the seller?s behalf. While this may not be ideal for most sellers, it is a great option for those looking for a quick, cash close and higher payout than the average wholesaler or investor offer.

The Keller Offers iBuyer program features all the same elements as other iBuyer services, but with a more seller-centric approach, adding the benefit of having an experienced realtor represent your best interest throughout the entire transaction. Just like you wouldn’t go to court without a lawyer, you shouldn’t enter into a real estate transaction without an advocate to represent you.

Having a professional agent on your side can be especially important when negotiating with an iBuyer. You need someone in your corner who has the skills and knowledge to ensure you get a fair deal and who understands the terms of their contracts, so you don’t encounter any unpleasant surprises along the way.

With the Keller Offers iBuyer option, we can provide the home seller with a fair market value, cash offer without the hassles and uncertainties that come along with selling your house the traditional route.

To learn more about iBuyers and cash offers, read our blog post: Everything You Need to Know About iBuyers and the Instant Cash Offer.

If you need to sell your home quickly and are interested in getting a no-obligation cash offer, contact us! We’ll help you determine if a cash offer is the right way to sell your home! Call (210) 852-1676 or email Jason.Keller@kw.com.