5 Best Margaritas in San Antonio


San Antonio is chock-full of amazing restaurants with great food, but the margaritas are infamous and top notch across the city. From classic house margaritas to far-out flavored concoctions, take a look at our list of recommendations to help you find the perfect drink in town. Check out this list for the best margaritas in San Antonio and prepare to be transported south of the border.

1. La Fonda on Main

La Fonda on Main always tops the list of quintessential San Antonio restaurants, and it’s easy to see why. This gorgeous hacienda-style restaurant has served authentic Mexican eats and Tex-Mex since 1932. The outdoor stucco patio set beneath twinkling lights hanging from a giant oak tree are the perfect spot to sip on specialty margaritas such as the Spicy Maria (a Bloody Mary made with tequila) or the Strawberry Basil Margarita. Their traditional margarita on the rocks is a fan favorite, perfectly paired with the house chips and salsa.

2. Paloma Blanca

Elevate your senses with the refined ambience of Paloma Blanca, where the atmosphere feels like an endless vacation. Sip on one of eight specialty margaritas, including the Mango Chamorita topped with chamoy or a house frozen margarita with your choice of a Corona or Dos Equis beer inside. Tequila enthusiasts can get a premium taste of Mexico with top shelf tequilas on offer, from the strong agave taste of silver tequila to the more sophisticated and smooth feel of oak barrel-aged tequilas.

3. La Fogata

The tropical vibes of coastal Mexico combined with iconic Tex-Mex cuisine make La Fogata a must for good food and award-winning margaritas. Vivid strawberry-pink and frosty blue margs are topped with a delicate orchard for picture-perfect drinks, complimented by the festive atmosphere of the colorful outdoor courtyards and live mariachi music. If you’re looking for a fiesta, La Fogata is the best move.

4. El Mirasol

The margarita menu at El Mirasol is simple, but there’s an undeniable expertise in simplicity. The Chispas Mirasol margaritas are the star of the show, even trumping over the 16 different enchilada plates. But when you’ve got authentic Mexican fare sizzling with heat and flavor, one drink will be enough to satisfy that tequila craving. Keep it simple with your choice of over 17 margarita flavors or go all out with a Jagerita – which is exactly what it sounds like. El Mirasol doesn’t play around!

5. Soluna

Nothing pairs better with the Texas heat than sipping margs on the outdoor patio of Soluna. Add in some chips and salsa – with a delicate balance of freshness and heat of their own – and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a delicious night out. Here you’ll find the San Antonio native chispas – handmade margaritas made with whole ingredients – as well as killer house margaritas. Give your marg a taste of the tropics with over 15 different flavors, or try the Amor y Pasion, made with fresh lime juice, agave nectar, and Grand Marnier.